Retargeting & Remarketing

ReTargeting to website visitors is an important part of your digital marketing plan.

Retargeting is a form of remarketing. Using online ads, you can target users that have already interacted with your brand, and put more of your ads in front of them.

How does ReTargeting work?

When a person visits your website a piece of code is put on their computer. The code is unnoticeable and won’t effect the website user experience. As they travel around the internet, they are then served ads that are specific to your company and brand.

ReTargeting can be a powerful tool to increase conversions. It is estimated that a user needs to have at least 13 points of contact with a brand before feeling comfortable in dealing with that brand. ReTargeting adds additional touch points and helps get the user back to your website to checkout.

Many conversions are multi-funnel and may include a combination of organic, paid traffic, social media, referral or direct, and retargeted. ReTargeting is just one spoke in the marketing wheel, and the more spokes the better.

Google Ads ReTargeting campaigns can be set to specific time frames. If the buying cycle of your potential customer is short, we can set your campaigns to a short time frame such as 7 days. If the buying cycle of your customer is a bit longer we can set the duration of time to 30 or 60 days and continue to stay front of mind with each person.


Ask us how we can help You setup ReTargeting ads to drive more conversions.


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